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We at Riz International are vested in your success, and there is no better way to prosper and live life on your terms than by being personally mentored from professional stock trader and portfolio manager Rizwan Memon himself. Riz will train you one-on- one using his acclaimed interactive trader development course, and walk you through the ins and outs of the stock market; all while answering your questions and helping you reach your true potential.


We believe in having the freedom to choose and know you feel the same way. It is time you chose yourself before anything and anyone else by investing in your personal development so that you can create a better future for you and your loved ones. Our thorough and highly coveted courses will teach you everything you need to know about trading stocks and cryptocurrencies. Learn Riz’s proprietary strategies and methods that will set you on the path to consistent profits and success in today’s complex and fast moving markets.


Learn and earn with likeminded individuals by becoming a Riz International ELITE member. You will gain access to an exclusive members only chatroom, find out what trades Riz places in his portfolio and hedge fund the minute he places them, live tream daytrading sessions, exclusive market updates and analyis all at your finger tips so that you can profit with the professionals and gain an edge in the markets.


Using our decades of combined experience, we know how to pinpoint gaps and shortcomings in trading strategies. We will work with you one-on- one on your existing strategies and setups while teaching you ours with one goal in mind: overcoming your trading challenges and becoming a consistently profitable trader. Our experienced team will help you step by step by providing you with efficient analysis, strategy development, screening, entry and exit points, risk management, and trade planning so that can level up your trading.


years of combined experience

Dollars profit in 2017

Figure trader and fund manager


Major Indexes Continue To Accelerate Upwards – SMU 01/19/18

  It has been a record run so far this year as all the major indexes continue to accelerate upwards and set new highs. This was was no different. The S&P500 closed today at 2,810 Up 1.42% for the week The market doesn't seem to care about a...

A Fresh New Year – SMU 12/15/17

  A fresh new year as institutions and retail traders alike get to turn the page on 2017 and start their portfolios with a clean slate. As each year goes by, not much seems to change it seems. As 2017 closed, the markets were white hot and up...

2017 Market Review

  Quite an interesting week with SPY moving to the red at the last hours of today’s trading session. The index was down 0.43% on the week, but all major indices ended the year strong with SPY up 19.5%, the Dow 25.2% and Nasdaq up 28.2%. Overall,...

Another All Time High – SMU 12/15/17

  Another week has passed us by and another all-time high has been cemented in the history books. Historically we always see a bullish December month, as is appropriately named, the Santa Clause rally. This December seems to be no different as the...

A Less Erratic Week – SMU 12/08/17

  Another week has passed us by as we get close to wrapping up the 2017 year. The markets pulled back to start the week as the tech sector sold off hard. The tax plan didn't have much of a positive impact on the markets as hoped but by Thursday,...

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