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It is not enough in this day and age to work a 9 to 5 job while making a measly salary and deal with the never ending targets and pressure that companies put on you.

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In our award winning Trading and Investing Video Course you will learn the foundations of the financial markets all the way to the in depth technical and fundamental methods that are critical to trading and investing successfully. Today’s markets are fast moving and highly competitive – very different from the markets your grandparents and parents were used to. This thorough course will take you through the strategies and methods that master trader and portfolio manager Rizwan Memon developed and uses when trading in his 7-figure portfolio. The proprietary methods in this course have been tested over many years in live markets. You can expect to be a well informed and educated trader upon completion of the course.

Below is a brief overview of the content you will get in this thorough video course:

Part 1: Foundations of the Financial Markets

· Start from the ground up and go over the foundations of the stock market and how it operates

· Go over the various different types of instruments and assets types you can trade

· Teach you about market structure and how important supply and demand principals are

· Provide you important information and benefits of different tax efficient accounts you can utilize to keep more of your profits and grow your wealth (specific to Canada and United States)

Part 3: The Razzle Dazzle Triforce

In the penultimate part of the course, you will be walked though the proprietary strategy, philosophy and methodology that Riz has developed and uses in his trading. When the strategy, philosophy and methodology are combined, they construct the renowned Razzle Dazzle Triforce – which will be the powerhouse to your success in the financial markets.

These tactics have been developed and tested by Riz in the live markets over many years and different market cycles. Here are a few crucial topics that will be covered in this section:

· The Razzle Dazzle Cross – which is a proprietary development and adjustment of two indicators that can give you precise entry signals on when to go long (buy) or short (short sell) a stock. You will learn how to use it in your trading and how to capitalize on it in markets and stocks that are going up OR down!

· Incorporate the ‘Ready – Steady – Go’ points based system that is developed to help you get into trades with high probability of success and stay out of the ones that will dent your account.

· See firsthand how the mindset and philosophy that you approach your trading with each and every day can affect your results.

· You will be taught what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to trading and investing in the financial markets.

Part 2: A Deep Dive into Trading and Investing

· How to contextualize and make sense of detailed price quotes and candlestick charts

· The meanings and specifics of what Fundamental (FA) and Technical (TA) analysis is

· How to utilize and incorporate fundamental and technical analysis and their respective methods and disciplines into you trading and investing

· The different types of corporate financial statements and how to extract vital information from them

· Important financial ratios that uncover and demystify the financial health and profitability of a company

· The most useful technical indicators and overlays that will give you an edge in the markets

Part 4: Implementation and Analysis

In the final part of the course, everything that has been covered so far will be into practice in a screen share. You will:

· You will see Riz’s trading platform and watch him perform in-depth analysis of various different stocks

· Hear him talk about best practices as well as common mistakes that traders make

· See the due diligence process he conducts prior to buy or selling a stock

· Get his personal insights and experiences that he has gone through during his decade of experience in the markets

By taking this course you will undoubtedly be learning a technical skill that you can use to grow your wealth and live the life you want. You can expect to reach your true potential as the knowledge and strategies that you will possess are universally applicable to not only many different market types and asset classes, but also to all aspects of life. Our students have gone on to find success in their trading and and personal lives as the specific methods are groundbreaking and transferable.

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