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Kurt DyckKurt Dyck
02:59 08 Feb 22
Riz does a phenomenal job guiding both new and experienced traders. He is very open about positions and always willing to explain in depth any questions asked of him. Using his courses mixed with the discord is a surefire way to increase your knowledge and results in the market as you will be surrounded by traders of all levels holding each other accountable. I would highly recommend the whole package to anyone looking to increase their edge in the markets. It is an investment in yourself that you will be glad you made.
Melissa UshtchenkoMelissa Ushtchenko
01:37 07 Feb 22
Riz is extremely insightful about the stock market, and shares his knowledge with Elite members generously. As a member, I love having direct access to Riz for any questions I have. I really enjoy being part of the Elite membership community and having a group of people I can chat with who all share the same goal of becoming better traders.I've also taken the Stock Trading Masterclass and I highly recommend it for beginners looking to get into swing trading!
Absolutely amazing experience. I'm less than a month in but have already learned so much from his Elite program, and have gained enough confidence in Riz and his team to follow through with obtaining the Stocks and Options masterclasses. On top of that, the knowledge and information Riz helps convey has led to my making back what I spent on the masterclasses within a week of purchasing them. Riz provides invaluable information and also provides assistance at any time one may have a question or concern. Very easy to communicate with, of great help, and just a fun community to be a part of.
Orlando ZavalaOrlando Zavala
02:42 05 Feb 22
If you’re reading this:1. Pat yourself on the back2. Go follow Riz on Instagram3. Sign up for Elite. (Yes, it’s worth it. Unless you hate a community with tons of fun and financial minds)Riz has his finger on every breast of the market. Tons of great minds in the elite group that you can learn from.
02:33 05 Feb 22
I have been a member of the Elite team for over 2 years and from the start I have been very impressed with the way everything is handled on a daily basis. Riz puts his heart and soul into making sure everyone understands what they are doing and how they are doing it. He is a great teacher with empathy and character that are unmatched by many people. Thanks for all you do Riz.

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Who is Riz?

My name is Rizwan Memon, and I want to help you make your money work for you!

I am a VERIFIED 7-figure stock trader with over 15 years of experience trading and investing in the financial markets. I have personally mentored and helped thousands of people across the globe become consistent and profitable traders so that they may grow their wealth and live the life they’ve always wanted!

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