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Rizwan Memon, Founder, President and Portfolio Manager

Rizwan Memon is the founder and president of Riz International. Rizwan started the firm with the goal of mentoring and teaching individuals how to trade, invest and grow their wealth in the financial markets. Prior to starting the firm, he spent the majority if his life operating multiple businesses from a very young age.

He also has firsthand experience working within the banking industry and has worked at one of the largest banks in the world as a Financial and Investment Advisor. He currently spends most of his time managing a 7-figure investment portfolio, his private investment fund and mentoring new traders.

Christopher Dwulet, Execution Trader & RIZ ELITE Members Coach

Chris was one of Riz’s first mentoring students and thoroughly impressed Riz with his hunger and drive to absorb and implement his teachings.

He has since joined Riz and is tasked with trading the funds portfolio and hosting live sessions for our ELITE Members.

Chris is a hardcore hockey fan and enjoys spending time with his wonderful family.


Glenn Coronel, Execution Trader & Chief of Investment Research

Glenn was mentored and groomed by Riz from his stock trading mentoring program. He excelled at grasping and implementing what he was taught and impressed Riz so much that he was asked to join the firm. His role is to place trades in the fund and develop unique trading and investment ideas.

Glenn is also a huge car enthusiast and coffee connoisseur.

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